Cat Pony mane cut

Matt: I am going to go get my haircut.

Laurie: Okay, cat pony!

Matt: My hair hath been cut!

Laurie: Your mane hath been cut and your paws trimmed, cat pony?

Matt: I had my mane braided.

Laurie: Oh sweet!

Matt: My mane was braided and bows were put into it.

Laurie: Wow! Bows!  Only girl cat ponies wear bows… geez.

Matt: You don’t know cat ponies.  They were blue bows.

Laurie: My bad.  I guess I don’t know cat ponies.

Matt: Only cat ponies don’t know cat ponies.

Laurie: On the contrary, if one knows so much about cat ponies, then they must be a cat pony, cat pony.

Matt: That is not true.  You see cat ponies exist inside the cat pony system.  If you exist inside a cat pony system, you can’t completely understand the system or know how it works or even know that you exist inside this sort of system.  Only a non-cat pony observer outside the system can understand it completely.  You exist inside the  cat pony system, therefore, you are a cat pony and don’t even know it.  Q.E.D.

Laurie: Damn it… I’m a cat pony.

Matt: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

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